Okay, we are not technically in quarantine. We are worshiping together in person again.  Pastor Brian will continue his daily messages three times each week for the rest of June.

June 29
Community Requires Respect
June 26
Community Requires Honesty
June 24
Healthy Community Needs Honesty
June 22
Purpose is Found in Love
June 19
Purpose: The Family of God
June 17
Purpose: A Friend of God
June 15
Purpose is found in Surrender
June 12
Your Purpose is God's Pleasure
June 10
Purpose: The Metaphor for Life
June 8
Your Purpose is Eternal
June 7
Sermon on Amos 3:1-12
June 6​
Purpose: You Are on Purpose
June 5
Purpose: It's Not About You
June 4
​Faith or Recklessness
June 3
​Simplicity revisited
June 2
Response to the Riots
June 1
Stockholm Syndrome
May 31
Sermon on Matthew 22

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Message from Quarantine 
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