5878 West 900 South
Edinburgh, IN 46124

I.The Church year shall begin on January 1.

II.The board:

A.Shall hold regular meetings monthly at a time agreed upon by the Board.

B.Shall hold special meetings as required on the call of the chairman or upon   request of eight or more members of the Board.

C.Shall consider a majority of the Board as constituting a quorum.

D.The presiding officer shall conduct the order of business.

III.The plan of procedure for administering the Church program shall be as follows:

A.      The task of administering the program of the Church shall be delegated to   the following functional committees:

1.Worship and Evangelism

2.Fellowship and Missions


4.Finance and Stewardship


B.Special committees shall be appointed when needed.

C.The membership of each functional committee shall be selected in the                               following manner, subject to approval of the Board.

1.The chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and minister shall constitute                                  a committee to select the committee chairmen.

2.Each committee chairman shall be responsible for selecting his own                                  committee.

3.Chairmen of all functional committees shall be selected from the                                        membership of the Board.

4.Membership of each committee shall be on the basis of                                                    qualifications for the task, regardless of membership on the Board.

5.The term of office for chairmen and members of each committee                                        shall be a duration of one year.  The term of service begins in                                            February.

D.Each functional committee shall organize itself to conduct the business for                       which it is responsible, meet regularly to attend to its business, and plan its                       general program which shall be presented to the board.  Upon approval by the                     board the committee shall proceed to administer its program in cooperation                       with other functional committees.  Regular reports shall be made to the Board.

The purpose and duties of the functional committees shall be as follows:

1.Worship and Evangelism Committee:

A.It shall be the purpose of this committee to lead the membership in a genuine                    experience of worship, enrich devotional life, and to cultivate an evangelistic                        spirit.

B.It will study the public services of the Church and assist in making them                            effective.  Consideration shall be given to the following:  music and ushering in                    worship, communion, offering, baptismal service, use of bulletins, sermons,                        prayers, arrangements of sanctuary, special services such as Easter and                           Christmas, evangelistic projects, and keeping membership records.

2.Fellowship and Missions Committee:

A.The purpose of this committee is to enhance the fellowship of the Church,                          brining God’s family closer together and to study the missions program to                          make recommendations concerning any phase of the program.

B.The specific responsibilities of this committee includes:  projects to help the                      families of the Church, Church attendance, new members, fellowship projects,                    church suppers, missionary presentations, welcoming visitors.

3.Educational Committee:

A.It shall be the purpose of this committee to develop an effective program of                        education for the entire Church in keeping with the general objectives of                              Christian education.

B.It shall be the responsibility to plan and administer the total educational                             program of the Church, including Church school, Vacation Bible School,                             Church library, youth activities, mid-week educational projects, leadership                          education, and distribution of Christian literature.

4.Finance and Stewardship Committee:

A.It shall be the purpose of this committee to develop within the membership an                   understanding of the full meaning of Christian stewardship and to direct the                         financial program of the Church that it will not only supply the financial needs                      but prove a means of spiritual enrichment and character building for each one                    participating.

B.It shall be responsible for keeping alive in the congregation the realization of its                   stewardship obligations, promoting stewardship education, organizing special                     finance projects and supervise the preparation of the Church budget.

5.Property Committee:

A.It shall be the purpose of this committee to care for all properties of the                              Church.

B.It shall be responsible for keeping all property and equipment in proper                               condition, studying needs and making recommendations for improvements,                        superintending the work of the custodian, caring for the grounds and keeping                      the properties adequately insured against possible loss or damage.

Church By-Laws