5878 West 900 South
Edinburgh, IN 46124
5878 W. 900 S., EDINBURGH, IN  46124


We, the members of the Mt. Auburn Christian Church, a congregationally governed body, in order to promote the work of the Church in the Spirit of Christ and thus advance His Kingdom, do hereby adopt this constitution.


Section A.  Name.

The name of this organization shall be Mt. Auburn Christian Church, located at 5878 W. 900 S., Edinburgh, Indiana 46124.

Section B.  Purpose.

The purpose of this Church shall be as revealed in the New Testament, to win people to faith in Jesus Christ and commit them actively to the Church, to help them grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ that increasingly they may know and do His will, and to work for the unity of all Christians and with them engage in the common task of building the Kingdom of God.


The membership of this church shall consist of those who are now identified as members of the congregation and those who accept Christ and are baptized by immersion or by transfer of membership of immersed believers.  Voting privileges shall be given to all members who have shown an active interest through a continuity of attendance, service and giving during the past year preceding the date of voting.  Also, those who have united with the local congregation during the past year have the privilege of voting.


Section A.  Church Officers.

The following officers shall be elected by the Church for a term as designated for each, or until such time as a successor is elected and assumes office.  To be eligible for office, one must have been a member of this congregation for one year.

1.Elders:  For a term of four years.

2.Deacons:  For a term of four years.

3.Trustees:  Not to exceed three in number, for a term of six years.  One to be elected every two years. 

Section B.  Officers of the Board. 

The following officers shall be elected by the Church Board at its annual business meeting in January, for a term as designated for each, or until such time as a successor is elected and assumes office:

1.Chairman:  For a term of one year.

2.Vice-Chairman:  For a term of one year.

3.Secretary:  For a term of one year.

4.Treasurer:  For a term of three years.

Section C.  Duties of Officers:

1.The Chairman shall fulfill the usual duties of such an officer, call and preside at all special business meetings of the congregation, and serve as chairman of the board.

2.The Vice-Chairman shall fulfill the usual duties of such an officer, call and preside at all special business meetings of the Church in the absence of the Chairman, and serve as vice-chairman of the board.

3.The Secretary shall keep minutes of all special business meetings of the Church, serve as secretary of the board,  keep a record of all its regular or called meetings, and perform such other duties as may be assigned.

4.The Church treasurer shall disburse all funds of the Church according to the authority designated to him by the board, keep accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements and make monthly reports to the board at each regular meeting.  Each monthly report is to be made available to every member of the congregation.

5.The Elders, in cooperation with functional committees, shall promote the growth and welfare of the Church, give spiritual oversight to the members with respect to regular attendance at the Lord’s Supper, visitation of the sick and concern for the morally delinquent and spiritually indifferent; give thoughtful consideration to policies of the Church that will enable it to fulfill its complete mission; encourage by example and word the missionary, evangelistic, educational and stewardship responsibilities of the Church; serve at the Lord’s table; and perform such other duties as may be assigned.

6.The Deacons, in cooperation with functional committees, shall cooperate with the Elders in promoting the growth and welfare of the Church; assist in the greeting and ushering of the worshippers; distribute the Lord’s Supper and receive the offerings; assist in financial canvasses, visitation projects and preparation of candidates for baptism; give counsel and service in the business affairs and program activities of the Church; cooperate in ministering to the needy; and perform such other duties as may be assigned. 

7.The Trustees shall act as the legal agents of the Church in all business matters, under the direction of the board and subject to the approval of the Church; hold legal title to all Church property and handle all business transactions related thereto; have supervision over all endowment and trust funds; care for and maintain the property; and perform such duties as are required by the laws of the State of Indiana or may be assigned by the board.

Section D.  Election of Officers.

1.A nominating committee composed of three members of the Board whose terms do not expire at the end of the current year, and two members of the congregation who are not members of the board, shall be appointed by the Chairman, approved by the board.

2.The nominating committee will give to the congregation a nomination ballot three weeks before Church elections, and will give nomination and election ballots to ill members of the Church, so they can take part in the nomination and election of Church officers.  The committee will secure consent from the nominees and present election ballots to the congregation (including the ill) three weeks after the nomination ballots are handed out.  One week after the election ballots are handed out to the congregation the election results will be announced to the Church.  The election will be conducted on the basis of a secret ballot.

3.All nominees who receive two-thirds of the votes cast by secret ballot shall be declared elected.

4.Vacancies in any office of the Church shall be filled for the unexpired term by nomination of the chairman of the board in consultation with the minister and approved by the board. 

5.At the time of the Church’s election of officers the nominees will be told by the nominating committee their specific duties as recorded in the Constitution.

Section E.  The Board.

1.The Board shall consist of the elected officers of the Church.

2.It shall be the duty of the board:
A.To consider and recommend to the congregation general policies.
B.To transact business.
C.To administer the program of the Church through the designated functioning committees.

3The Board shall perform its duties according to the authority granted in this Constitution and by-laws or designated to it by the Church.  Regular reports shall be made annually to the Church.


Section A.  Duties.

The minister of the Church shall perform the duties which usually pertain to that office, and as spiritual administrator of the Church he shall be an ex-officio member of all organized groups and committees.

Section B.  Selection.

The minister shall be chosen by the Church as hereinafter provided:

1.A representative committee of five nominated by the chairman and elected by the board shall serve as the pulpit committee and be responsible for recommending a prospective minister to the Board.  The pulpit committee should consider his educational background and they should seek recommendations and visit his work if possible.

2.The board shall consider the recommendation of the pulpit committee and if approved recommend the prospective minister to the Church.  It shall be the policy of the Church to consider only one prospective minister at a time.

3.The recommendation of the Board must be accepted by at least a two-thirds majority of the congregational members present in a regular or special business meeting of the Church before the call is extended.

4.The term of his ministry shall be for an indefinite period and may be terminated by either party upon 60 days notice or a lesser time by mutual consent.  A written statement setting forth the salary to be paid and other conditions of call shall be made in duplicate, once copy for the minister and one for the Church.


Section A.  Meeting to be held.

1.A regular monthly meeting shall be held.

2.Special meetings may be called by the chairman or vice-chairman or upon request of the Board or written petition of ten or more members of the Church.

Section B.Notice.

Notice of all special business meetings of the Congregation shall be given at a regular Sunday service of the Church at least one week in advance of the meeting.

Section C.Rules of Order.

All business meetings of the Church and Board shall be governed by Roberts’ Rules of Order.


This constitution may be amended at any business meeting of the Church by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting on the amendment, provided that written notice of the proposed amendments has been read and placed in the Sunday morning bulleting at a regular Sunday service at least two weeks before the vote is taken.


Church Constitution